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Bringing people together

We create a community you can call home no matter where you are in the world.


Idea behind Nest had crystallised – a house becomes a home when people connect and those connections can be fostered. They’ve made it their mission to create the framework that will allow people to enjoy the benefits of living together.


The bedrock of any relationship begins with care. Whether it’s for our members or our spaces, we take pride in maintaining wellness across our community.


Our family is not complete without the people who have lived, helped and worked with us. We’re always thankful for everyone who played a part in shaping Nest.


A house isn’t a home without its people. Our recipe for fostering fruitful relationships between our members is creating homes that connect lives.


A home transcends material comforts. Our core goal is to make everyone feel that they belong, from helping with everyday tasks to cultivating a stronger community.