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How do I book a viewing?

Explore our listings on the website. When you find a place you like the look of you can simply click on ‘book a viewing’ and schedule a time to suit you. Once scheduled you will receive an email with the full address of the property and instructions on where to meet us. You will be met by one of our awesome community management team who will do their best to answer any questions you have about the apartment, condo and surrounding area.

Can I speak to someone at NEST?

The team are always happy to speak to you – simply visit the contact us section of the website and get in touch.

When can I view a room?

Viewing times depend on the specific room you’re interested in. You will see all the available viewing times when you click the ‘book a viewing’ button on the space listing page.

How quickly can I move in?

The earliest move in date is displayed on each property listing. Many of our available rooms are open for immediate move-in and all rooms are open for move in within 4 weeks of the listing status showing as ‘available’.

What amenities and appliances are provided in the space?

All our properties feature a TV (40”-50” wide), Chromecast, internet, furnishing, washing machine and comprehensive kitchenware (including fridge, crockery, cutlery, utensils and kitchen knives, pots and pans, cooking dishes, serving dishes, glassware, mugs, coffee press, kettle, toaster and hob – please check the individual listings for details of whether a microwave, oven, freezer and tumble dryer are provided). Please check individual listings for information about additional apartment amenities and condo facilities as these vary by property.

Do all your space come furnished?

Yes, all our space come comprehensively furnished. As a minimum you can expect in the communal areas: dining table and chairs, sofa and armchair, coffee table, smart TV, shelving unit and decorative accessories. In the bedrooms: queen sized bed, bedside table, bedside lamp and wardrobe.

Can you remove the furniture if I provide my own?

We’re not able to remove any of the furniture provided but if there is space in your personal bedroom you’re welcome to add additional small items of furniture (as long as they don’t require any fixing to the walls).

Do you allow pets?

No, unfortunately we do not currently allow pets in any of our space

Do you allow couples?

Couples are welcome to rent master rooms or double room in specific spaces. In space where we feel the communal areas are large enough to accommodate an extra person we allow couples to rent master rooms (with private bathrooms only). This is to ensure there are not too many people sharing the common bathrooms. Rooms where couples are accepted are clearly indicated on our website listing pages.

Do you allow cooking?

Yes, we allow cooking in all our space and provide all the kitchenware you need to rustle up a delicious meal. We ask that you’re considerate of your flatmates and clean up shortly after using the kitchen.


What is the process to book a room?

After your viewing you will receive an email with a link to book a room. Click the link to complete the booking form. Once we received your completed booking form we will issue an electronic tenancy agreement and invoice. As soon as those are complete your room is officially yours!

What do I have to pay upfront?

Your first invoice is made up of a deposit (refundable at the end of your tenancy) which is equivalent to one month’s rent, your first month’s rent (prorated to your move in date) and a one-off RM100 administration fee covering your setup with NEST and the condo management.

What documents do I need to book a room?

When you complete the booking form you will be asked to upload a copy of the photo page of your passport. If you’re not a Malaysian National or permanent resident we also require a copy of your visa card (front and back).

What do I do if I don’t have my visa card yet?

In the interim, we can accept a copy of the first page of your Offer letter issued by your employer to allow you to enter Malaysia. As soon as your visa card comes through you will need to send us a copy of that for our records.

How do you match flatmates to each other?

The NEST team meets all flatmates through the viewing process and we will chat to you to understand more about you and what you’re looking for in fellow flatmates

Are there any restrictions on who can live in the space?

Nest promotes fair and equal access to housing and so there are no restrictions made on who can live in our properties. In order to comply with Malaysia regulations and prevent overcrowding in our apartments we only allow one/ two occupant per room with the exception of some of our larger apartments where couples may be allowed to rent the master bedroom (with private bathroom) only.

What is provided when I move in?

Everything you see at the viewing is provided when you move in. All the furniture, kitchenware and in your bedroom we provide the mattress, mattress protector and two pillows with pillow protectors.


What’s included in the monthly rent?

The monthly rental rates we advertise on our website are all inclusive. They include wifi, a weekly cleaning service, all utilities (water, electricity, gas (where relevant) and air conditioning) as well as our stylish furnishing and comprehensive kitchenware.

Are utilities included in the monthly rent?

Yes, all utilities including water, electricity, gas (where relevant), air conditioning and wifi are included. We also provide a weekly cleaner included in your rent.

When do I pay my rent?

You will be issued an invoice on the 24th of each month to cover your next month’s rent. Payment of the invoice in full is required before the first of the month. There are penalties for late payment – these are detailed in your tenancy agreement.

Can I negotiate the price down?

No, our prices are fixed and non-negotiable. This ensures that NEST’s rental rates are fair and transparent for all members.

Why does the rental price differ across different rooms?

Our prices are calculated based on a variety of factors including the location, condo age, condo facilities, apartment amenities, how many people you share the bathroom with and the size and facilities in your bedroom itself. As a result of considering all these factors, our rooms all vary in price.

Do NESTask for a deposit?

Yes, we ask for a deposit to cover us in the event that the property, fixtures or fittings are damaged or if tenants fail to pay their rent. The deposit is equal to one month’s rent and is fully refundable at the end of your tenancy provided there is no damage.

Can NEST increase my rent?

NEST commits to keeping your rent at the same price for 12 months from the date you sign your lease. After this period, and in rare circumstances, we may need to adjust the price slightly to stay consistent with market conditions. You will always be informed of any changes in writing with at least 30 days notice.

How much notice do I have to give if I want to leave a NEST space?

We hate to see you go but if you need to leave a Cove property we require 30 days notice in writing to


Can I transfer between Nest space?

Yes! If you want to move to a different part of town or try out another condo then we can easily transfer you between NEST space once your 3 month fixed lease period is over. You just need to provide us with 30 days notice in writing to

What if there is a dispute with one of my flatmates?

For minor issues and disputes we encourage you to resolve things directly with your flatmates. If you’re concerned that someone in your flatshare has infringed the NEST code of conduct you should inform the NEST team at

Are there any house rules?

We ask that all tenants behave in a respectful manner towards each other, this includes keeping the noise down after 10pm on weekdays and 12 midnight at weekends and always informing other flatmates if you intend to have guests over. Other than that we don’t have any official ‘rules’ but we do ask all tenants to sign up to a Code of Conduct when they rent with us.

What maintenance does NEST cover?

NEST covers all maintenance in the space with exception of light bulb and battery replacement which is the responsibility of the tenant. To report  any maintenance issues in your property please email NEST organised the air conditioning servicing on a quarterly basis.

What are the responsibilities of the tenant?

Tenants with Cove must keep the place in good repair and sanitary conditions, ensuring that rubbish is removed on a regular basis and that common areas are left tidy. Any maintenance issues or damages to the fixtures, fittings and furniture must be reported immediately to  NEST tenants are responsible for replacing light bulbs and batteries themselves and if any lock-outs occur out of office hours due to lost keys then the tenant must arrange for a locksmith themselves at their own expense. Charges will incurred for any damages to furniture or fittings caused by the tenants – if fault cannot be established then costs will be split equally between tenants.

What housekeeping services are included in the standard rent price?

Included in your monthly rental charge is weekly cleaning of the common parts of the apartment. This includes the kitchen, living and dining rooms and any shared bathrooms. If you would like to have your own bedroom (and en-suite bathroom) cleaned we can arrange this for you for an extra monthly charge.Cleaning services include dusting and wiping down of all surfaces, vacuuming and mopping the floors.

What is the cost of the extra housekeeping services?

For weekly cleaning of your bedroom the cost is RM50 per month or RM100 if you also have an en-suite bathroom. We can also arrange for the housekeeper to iron your clothes each week at a charge of RM60 per month for ironing 5 items per week.

Can I opt in and out of the extra cleaning services?

Yes you can opt in and out on a monthly basis. To inform us of any changes to your requirements simply email us at before the 23rd of the month to make changes for the following month’s services.